Gel wax is not wax at all, it is a form of mineral oil. It is easier to work with in many ways as compared to traditional wax. It also allows for more light to reflect. The clear gel allows one to achieve many different looks, from underwater scenes to floating beads. If you like this candle learn how to make a candle for the pool or office.

Here's how to make jelly candles at home;

Equipment needed;

1. Melting pot - Use a double boiler for safety reasons.

2. Thermometer - The melting point of gel candles is 275 F and the temperature at which it will catch fire is 440 F. You need a thermometer to ensure that it does not get to its flash point.

3. Fragrance - The ones safe making gel candles are easily available from candle supply stockists and they are called non-polar. Do not add any essential oils or paraffin wax scents as they can catch fire.

4. Wick - Use wicks covered in zinc as they burn safely and remain upright when the candle is burning.

5. Containers - Gel candles are made in glass containers. The container has to be thick enough to withstand the temperature of the wax.

6. Dye - Liquid candle dyes work best for gel candles as they maintain the clarity. Use dyes meant for gel candles only.

Steps on how to make jelly candles at home;

1. Place a little hot glue at the bottom and at the center of the container. Stick in the wick in the glue and let it set.

2. Cut up the gel in tiny pieces so that it melts more evenly and faster.

3. Use the thermometer to check on the temperatures we talked about above. Keep it at 200 F because gel looses clarity when overheated.

4. Sustain the temperature at 200 F until all the gel melts and has a syrup like consistency.

5. Put your color dye in bits until you have the desired color.

6. Add your fragrance, 1/3 teaspoon to all glasses of melted gel to get a nice scent. If you love a stronger scent, you can add more fragrance.

7. Heat up the holding container inside the microwave or oven to around 150-160 F. This helps to minimize the appearance of bubbles.

8. If you would like to make use of embeds, dip them into the hot gel first then arrange them accordingly into the container. Keep objects as close to the side as possible.

9. Place the container on a flat surface and pour out the gel slowly down the side. To avoid bubbles, ensure that the gel is still quite hot.

10. Pull up the wick and roll out on a pencil to ensure that it is straight.11. Let your candle cool and trim the wick when done.
You now have a unique and beautiful gel candle done by you.